Type of Site: Portal

Developed By: Web Fin

Date First Published: Oct 2001

Current Status: Active

Purpose of Site:

  • Provide a quick and easy way to access a variety of web sites witout having to memorize or type a bunch of URLs or deal with lots of annoying popup ads or noisy marketers wanting to track what sites you visit
  • Structured to allow clients to customize pages and categories that better reflect their own or their company’s web site destination preferences

Quick access web site that runs on local hard disk and gives user one click access to hundreds of sites.  Contains links to sites organized by category and subcategory. Set as home page for browser to load up when browser starts.

Key Features:

  • Site consists only of links
  • Installed on Web Fin client networks to provide instant access to a variety of sites
  • Customized for each client to reflect their web surfing needs and interests
  • Can be configured as a single page or multiple page portal.
  • Additonal programming allows a description of each site to pop up when the mouse cursor passes over its link.


This multiple page site contains 16 category pages, each with 8 or more subcategories, that organize hundreds of links into easily located groupings.

A customized portal for a client displays a single page of their own chosen links against a background image of their office.

BA Portal


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